Being an independent insurance adjuster is a rewarding, challenging and fulfilling career. 

Adjusting as a career

Explore the benefits of a career as an independent adjuster.

  • Ease of Entry

    While we do ask you to commit to getting a license, training and experience, we do not require a degree. Working as an adjuster you advance from having a job, to having a career.

  • Help People

    Insurance claims adjusters help people in times of crisis. Getting into a car accident or having your home damaged can be extremely distressing. As an insurance adjuster, you help make sure the person is fairly compensated so they can recover and move forward.

  • Extend Career

    A lot of adjusters come out of physically demanding jobs like construction and other trades and are able to use their knowledge and experience to build a successful career in adjusting. It’s also a great supplemental income opportunity for people like firefighters and teachers.

  • Job Security

    Another benefit is that working in the insurance industry provides a certain level of job security that can be difficult to find elsewhere. People will always need insurance and will (unfortunately) always experience losses.

  • Growth

    The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics and AARP project that 50% of the insurance workforce will retire by 2028. That creates a huge opportunity for people who deidcate themselves to the field now.

  • Benefits

    Pilot is a family-owned company and we are committed to helping you build a long and sustainable career for you and your family. We offer a 401K, weekly pay and the best training and support in the industry.